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Weishan Lake Travel Guide

Weishan County lies in the south of Shandong Province. It covers an area of 1780 sqkms with the population of 680000, and it is the famous Railway Guerrilla Forces hometown. Weishan Lake is the largest freshwater lake in North China, with a total area of 1290 sqkms. The length is 126 kilometers long from north to south. The east side of the lake follows the contour of the mountain whereas the west is near plains. It is composed of Nanyang, Dushan, and Zhaoyang lakes. Standing in the middle of the lake, Wei Shan Island commands a beautiful view of the surrounding waters and hills. The Beijing-Hangzhou Canal cut through from north to south and the north-south river water-intersection met. Map of Weishan Lake

The traffic and communications are very convenient. To its north is Confucian hometown Qufu, to its south is Xuzhou Guanyin Airport, and Jinan International Airport is not far to its north .It is more than 100 km away from Weishan County. Jinghang Grand Canal goes through the whole county. Jinghu Railroad, Jingfu Expressway and the National Road 104 pass through the whole land.

There are 78 kinds of fishes, 74 kinds of economic water plants, such as reed, lotus roots, water ctitlerop, gorgon fruit etc..  87 kinds of birds and 364 kinds of planktons in the lake. It has been well known as 'a lake producing a bucket of gold a day'. Weishan Lake has been listed as one of the provincial scenic spots for its beautiful natural scenery. It has been also listed as natural protecting area of birds and tour developing area. The tourists extremely admire that over 100000 mu of lotus flowers coming into bloom seasonably each year, and Weishan is named Chinese Lotus Flower Capital for it.

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