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October 20, 2009

Hi Johnson,

Now we are back in HK and I have time to write, I want to thank you for your services last week.  My family and I had a great trip - and it really lived up to your promises.

In particular, Nick was a great guide, and as you said he is diligent, kind and very smart - a credit to your company.  Please pass on my thanks again.

Please don't worry about the calculation, these things happen.  And as to the map, it was no big deal.
Once again, thank you - and see you again next time I am in Huangshan.


Mike Newby   England now working in Hongkong

September 26, 2009

Hi Johnson,

I am finally back in South Africa after a long tour around China. The most memorable part of my trip was definitely my trip to Huangshan, Yellow Mountain. Thank you so much for a well organized hassle free tour. Your communication before my trip was very efficient and thank you for your flexibility regarding the tour. The hotels you suggested were much better than what I thought they would be, the reviews on these hotels really didn't do them justice. Oh I must say though that I was a little disappointed with the hard beds, but was told its a chinese way of sleeping..oh well just a little different to what I am used to. My only disappointment about yellow mountain was the noise of all the tourists as I was looking for more tranquility out of the experience, but the scenery was just a dream!!. My tour guide Bruce was very sweet and very good at being proactive by suggesting a few other spots to see. Such as the old village where they shot the movie Crouching tiger hidden dragon and a good soak in the hot springs after the long hike up the mountain. Maybe you should include that in your package..I think a lot of people would appreciate it. Looking forward to another well organised tour by your company to Tibet.

Thank you once again and hope to be back sometime soon with my husband. I had a great tour, great tour guide and a fantastic stay!!

Best regards

Lerato Goge  South Africa, Johannesburg

September 10, 2009

Hi David,

I had the most amazing time on the Yellow Mountain, the beauty is indeed breathtaking and it would not be an overstatement to say that this is a place which tugs at the heartstrings. Would like to extend my heartfelt appreciation to you for helping pull this trip together. I was very happy with the accommodation and logistics arranged.

The guide Nick played a key part in making this a memorable trip. His passion for the area was obvious in his enthusiasm in conveying information of key landmarks and areas visited. This added a whole extra layer of appreciation of the region. His professionalism is to be commended and I fully appreciate his flexibility to make the trip as pleasant as possible.

I plan to return to Huangshan for another trip and i will be sure to contact you again then.

Many Thanks.

Anita  Malaysia

August 18, 2009

Hi Johnson,

Karl and I both enjoyed Huangshan....absolutely breathtaking and quite spectacular. We are in Hangzhou now and heading to Shanghai tomorrow. I want to provide some more feedback for you but our internet time is running out. Next week when I get home I'll send you a detailed email if that's ok.


Michele  USA

July 30, 2009

Hi Johnson

Just a brief note to say that we have arrived back in Belfast safe and sound. We had the most amazing time in China, and partiuclarly liked Mt Huanghshan, and our stay in Hongcun. The walk of the west sea canyon as you said was just breathtaking (in more ways than one), and one that I would highly recommend. We were lucky to be up on the mountain mostly during the week, as we noticed a huge difference in the numbers of people on the saturday as we were coming down. On the saturday the trails were so full of poeple that you jsut had to 'shuffle' along for several kilometres up and down. But we loved the time we had. And despite a few problems that was helped out by contacting you by phone (please pass on our thanks to David).

We just loved China, and hope to return at some point in the future.

Thank you again for all of your help and support, and most importantly that map that you provided. Essential!  I had hoped to pop into the office upon our return to Tunxi, but we finally were able to meet up with John and Maggie after several years and we lost track of time.

Fond regards,

Kate Russo  Ireland

29 July, 2009

Hi Johnson,

I will check with my bank and try to get everything resolved as soon as possible. I am sorry the transfer did not go through appropriately.

We did have a wonderful time in China. Thank you for all your patience and planning. We could not have been happier.

Kind regards,

Juanita Huryn  USA

July 21, 2009

Hi, Johnson,

Thank you so much! I enjoyed the tour very much! My guide was very friendly and polite and we had very good time at the mountain. I enjoyed my trip very much, I will never forget Huangshan and I'm personally very grateful for you for helping me to discover the beauty of the mountain and also the area. My guide took me also to the town which was a very good and recommendable extra for the tour. They took care of me very well and warm-hearted not just at the mountain but also before and after until I jumped into the Hangzhou bus. I'm very happy about this experience and glad for you Yeh, for your so committed help for me. Thank you very much, if me or my friends ever visit Huangshan or surroundings again (which I think will happen) we'll definitely consider your guiding again - thank you very much and greetings from a satisfied Ou Zhouren, Mr. Tammi!

Yours warmly,

Lauri T.  Finland

July 5, 2009


We have just experienced a wonderful Huangshan journey in the past few days. Thanks for your company's arrangement, especially yourself for your quick and detailed reply to my queries and being so attentive in following up with our trip arrangement after we arrived in the Huangshan city, all your staff e.g, tour guide Ellen, the driver are so nice to us. We really enjoy this trip. We will definitely visit this beautiful mountain Huangshan in the near future, and CITS will be our first choice for making trip arrangements.
Best regards,

Y.K. Chan  Hongkong

June 29, 2009

Hi Johnson,

Sorry for the late reply.

It was a very nice trip and thanks again for you help. :-)

It's actually the second time i've been to huangshan and I wanted to share this experience with my sister. Huangshan is actually one of best memories about travel in china and I guess my sister was amazed as well.

Since i am learning how to write and read mandarin and with the help of Charles (very nice guy by the way) this time i could understand better the meaning of what i was seeing. :-)

If you can organize trips in other places in china I may ask you help again later.

best regards

Frederic Henriques  France

June 24, 2009

Dear David,

We all had a wonderfur staying in China and specially in Huangshan on the  Yellow Mountains. All the arrangements, i.e. travelling, hotels, meals, visiting Tunxi, and our excellent good guide Cindy, were very fine. Of course sceneries there were over our expectations, but also we had good discussions with Cindy about the Chinese culture and people. It was very pleasant and we can recommend your services for everyone here.

On behalf of Family Lampinen,


Kari Lampinen   Finland
tel. +358504120955

June 2, 2009

Hello Johnson,

Please accept my heartfelt appreciation for helping Baran while he stayed at Huangshan last week. Your thoughtfulness and reliable services helped ease off a lot of my worries.

Your suggestion for him to taking the bus to Shanghai instead of taking the late flight gave him an opportunity to experiance as one of the locals.

Thanks for being such a helpful resource for Baran while he was on his own in Huangshan, I will recommend your services to other friends.


Wendy  Canada

June 1st, 2009 

Hi Johnson!

Thank you so much for your advises and all your recommendations, it was very kind from you ! We enjoyed a lot our trip, and then I've already recommend you to 2 of my good friends. One of them is planning to come this weekend with 11 friends of him to Huangshan... I gave him your e-mail address.

Anyway we like china and the countryside with my friends and my girlfriend, and we want to visit deeply this beautiful country !  as I said, we planned to go to Tibet this october with my mum and my girlfriend. We'll be 4. I'll let you know soon our exact dates, but for sure we want to organize that with you !

Plus, if you have some recommendations and advises for short trip ( weekend ), not too far from shanghai ( Max 6 hours by bus from shanghai ), for enjoying nature ( hiking, trekking, or just take a rest in marvelous scenic area ), you are welcome !

Hope to see you again !

Have a good day,

Adrien  France

May 29, 2009

Dear Johnson,

Mt. Huangshan is exceptionally beautiful and stunning. I will surely be back and ask for your help once again later.

An old saying goes that Huangshan is famous for 4 uniques. I would say it has 5 uniques, the last being Ellen, your guide, since I enjoyed her service so much. Many thanks!


Richard Wu   Taiwan 

May 11, 2009


I had a very enjoyable experience hiking Huangshan mountains, especially the day in the grand canyon. Allen was a very good guide. And the services were very good. Thank you!

Jack DeFranco   USA

May 7, 2009

Hi Johnson,

We enjoy our trip at the Huangshan mountain. The weather was pretty nice. And the site was beautiful. Everything was perfect: we thank you for your organisation.

We have very much appreciated Kelly's performance. It was a great pleasure for us to be assisted by such a kindly and attentioned guide. She is a great profesionnal always ready to help us with a big smile.
David, Greet and I, want to says once again: Thank You Kelly  for everything.

Best regards.

Bernard Cordennier    Belgium

May 2, 2009

Hi Johnson,

Thank you for checking up on my father and I. We had a wonderful time in Huangshan. Our driver, Mr. Wang, was very helpful and accommodating. Kelly was also of great service; she was knowledgeable and hospitable, has a good command of english, and we definitely felt that as a tour guide, she greatly enhanced the enjoyment of our trip to Huangshan.

Take care,

Edward and Fu    USA

May 1, 2009

Hi Johnson,

The trip was great!  Huangshan/Hongcun/Mukeng were all beautiful. Thanks for your arrangements.  I'll recommend your service to my friends. 

Take care.

Sam Gao  Canada

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