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September 27, 2010

Hi Johnson,

We are now back to our fold in Hong Kong. Needless to say, we all have enjoyed every moment of our stay in mainland China. We were particularly impressed with what we experienced in Huangshan, due, of course, in no small measure to the professional services offered by you and your staff Li. I look forward to keeping in touch with you over tour matters in China. Thank you once again for your excellent work!

Ned    Canada

Three retired couples, who are life-long friends, from US, Canada and Australia respectively came to Huangshan together from Nanjing by train, for which we delivered the tickets to their hotel in Nanjing ahead of time. Our services impressed the clients deeply!

September 26, 2010

Hi Johnson,

We had touched down yesterday. Everything in Huangshan and old villages went very well. Though the weather is very hot, still we are thankful as it makes the climb to Huangshan easier rather than a wet weather.

Please extend a BIG THANK YOU to Joseph who has been very patient with our delays. As 9 of us are old friends, we tend to talk alot along the way. He has been very helpful to our needs. And thanks to your recommendation to that restuarant, we went there again for the 2nd time when we returned from Huangshan.

Also, appreciate you and your colleague's kind arrangement in putting everything together and making it smooth sailing.

Overall, it was a blessed and a memorable trip for all of us.

Hope we would return there soon.

All the best to you.

CY.   Singapore

CY volunterred to be the group leader and organizer of a 9 pax group from Singapore, all were her friends. One of the issues worth mentioning is that, with our arrangement, 6 members got the discount flight tickets from Shanghai to Huangshan at as low rate as 55% percent. "That's huge saving for us, really appreciate it", CY made the comment in her previous email to us.

September 23, 2010

Hello Mr Yeh,

Thank you for your follow-up message, we appreciate your professionalism.

We are delighted by this first visit of China, things up to now are just almost perfect. Although not speaking chinese, we are now quite at ease taking buses, trains, taxis ..

People are just very friendly everywhere.

We really enjoyed our trip to Huangshan and the villages Hong Cun and Nan Ping. The sceneries were fantastic and the weather was perfect. I took many photos to show to friends, suggesting them however to visit late september if possible due to strong tourism activity in summer. Sabine managed quite well our tour even if there was a small fluctuation the very first day waiting for bus to Huangshan. Sabine is a very motivated young woman and dedicated to her customers. Her french is fine and could be improved much better with time, I am quite sure.

Our stay at Hong Cun was a highlight. We appreciate the special and traditional accomodation the guest house. I even had a time to exchange with the house master and Sabine on poetry in the period of Tang. We also had a very pleasant visit of Hangzhou and Suzhou besides Hanghai where we are for the moment.

We will fly back to France this friday. Be certain we will recommend CITS to our friends.

Thnak you again for your very effective cooperation.

Best regards,

The Vu

We are told by Sabine that the couple are French teachers. That is all we know about them since we did not meet them in person. What makes us happy is that they enjoyed their tour and would recommed us to their friends!

September 21, 2010

Hi Johnson,

I am still in Shanghai attending the Expo.

My friends and I are very happy with the Huangshan tour and will probably make a return trip to do the walks we did not have time to do. We shall contact you should we need your service to help organize tickets and hotels.


Heng Hiang Khng    Singapore

Heng made the trip to Huangshan with David, Heng's friend in Australia and Jimmy in the States. It was actually the second trip to Huangshan mountains and century-old villages by Heng.

September 17, 2001

Hi Johnson,

We just came back 3 days ago. We really enjoyed the Huangshan tour and the visits to the world heritage villages, the scenery in Huangshan is magnificent. Thank you for all the arrangements for the tour, the transport was well organised and the tour guide Selina was very helpful and pleasant.

You have been very patient in answering my queries on the tour and I appreciate that. Hope to see you again when we revisit Huangshan.

Best regards,

C Y Loong   Singapore

When we met for the first time in Huangshan, I asked Loong, who came with her husband and 2 kids, "How many emails did you send me titleogether?" She responded almost simultaneously, "27." In other words, we conducted as many as 54 email exchanges between us before the family's visit. It is worhwhile anyway. Their feedback is the best award to us! 

September 13, 2010

Dear Johnson,

I would like to thank all your attentions and services during our last visit to China, especially for you who always was checking / calling us ( to purchase a SIM card was a great idea ) and the guides that everything was ok.

Even though we were in more than 10 different points / cities, we never felt insecure or that we were not going to do what we planned in advance.

I hereby copy this mail to my friend Pablo who is going to China and may contact you if necessary. Maybe you can provide him with more direct information accordingly to his schedule sending him a mail. I have told him that Huangshan is a must, as Lonely Planet say, it is the one spot you can not miss if you do not have time in your visit to Chine

Best regards

Ricardo  Chile

Ricardo and his family (7 family members of 3 generations) came to visit China in August 2010 for 20 days all arranged by Huangshan CITS. Their itinerary included Shanghai, Beijing, Xi'an, Zhangjiajie, Chongqing, Yangtse River cruise and Huangshan.

August 9, 2010

Dear Johnson,

We are safely back to France since 2 days, still catching up on sleep, re-adapting our stomachs to western food and busy sorting photos, but very happy after this 5-day tour of Huangshan and the old villages that ended our voyage to China.

This was a wunderful holiday trip, and we want to thank you for its organization on a rather short notice. Every tiny little detail was perfectly prepared and easily adapted to our wishes and tastes. The food was excellent. We were lucky with the weather, although everybody was suffering from the heat. We had just enough clouds to make it worthwhile watching the spectacular sunset and sunrise on the mountains, together with thousands of Chinese that made the pilgrimage to this magic scenery. On the last day, we even glimpsed some peaks floating above the clouds. The expected thunderstorms after the heat wave arrived when we were leaving, which made the 5-hour bus drive from Tunxi back to Shanghai even more "interesting", with the driver of the big long-distance bus ignoring all traffic rules and jumping lanes like crazy. But he made it, safely and in precisely 5 hours.

Special thanks go to our guide Jean, who immediately felt like a friend and - although only half our age - cared for us like a mother. She always knew how many steps we would be able and willing to climb (I counted more than 1300 steps from Beihai hotel to Bright Summit peak!), which ones of the many phantastic sights we would prefer, what kind of shops or restaurants we would like, and how much rest we needed. She even organized for us an unscheduled swim in a beautiful cool old-fashioned swimming pool in the Jade Valley, which the two of us had all for ourselves. This felt like paradise after the trek through the steaming hot jungle of the valley. We will always fondly remember her humor and her stories.

If we ever have the opportunity to go on another trip to China, we hope you will still be around and able to help us with the organization.

Best regards,

Martin Costabel and Monique Dauge, Rennes, France

Martin Costabel is a Professor of Mathematics at Universite de Rennes 1 IRMAR, Campus de Beaulieu. He and his wife made an extention trip to Huangshan after attending an international symposium on mathematics held in Shanghai.

July 8, 2010

Hi Johnson,

We were back to Jakarta safely last Tuesday.

We really had a good time during the holiday trip to Shanghai and Huangshan and would like to say many thanks for the excellent service and hospitality. We enjoy the good stay in Hongcun Village  very much.

We also appreciate the trust that you had given us as it is a quite short notice for you to arrange the trip for us.

I do hope we will see you again in Huangshan  =)


Edward    Indonesia

Edward owns a factory of about 150 employees producing plastic perper. He and his wife, daughter and son made the trip after getting to Shanghai from Jacarta. The boutique hotel in Hongcun Village where they stay overnight, among other things, left a deep impression on them.

June 30, 2010

Dear Johnson,

Thank you for helping to coordinate the tour in Huangshan, we had good time there even it was very foggy.

I am sure will refer friends to your business.
Pauline & SingKwan    USA

June 22, 2010

Dear Johnson,
I am back on Sunday night after a few days in Shanghai covering the world expo.
Driver Zhu is a nice person. He knows his way around Anhui very well. No problem to get by Shaoxing and Hangzhou. He needs a little bit help to go to the restaurant and the hotel, any way, we arrived safely.
Thank you very much for organizing the trip and we will surely contact you for our future requests of Huangshan from our client.
Oh, by the way, for your information, Xienheng Hotel is a better Hotel ( new & with Shaoxing style ) than Xienheng Big Hotel ( too many mosquitoes ).

Miranda   Hongkong

Serving as a group leader, Miranda is working with a Hongkong travel agency. After Huangshan tour, we transfer the group of 5 tourists all the way to Shanghai after spending one night in Hangzhou and one night in Shaoxing, a city famous for its wine production and histroy.

June 19, 2010

Hi Johnson,

We came back on yesterday after another day in Hangzhou as we do not want to be caught in a rush to the airport etc.
Yes, we did enjoy ourselves at Huangshan and Hongcun. We were not rushed and we took the time to take in the fresh air and interesting and great scenery. The food is great too ! - especially the lunch we had at Hongcun I can only say it's simple but certainly fantastic!
Thank God also for the great and fine weather (no rain until we left Huangshan !!)
Thanks for the fine service. Send my sincere thanks to Nick & Driver Mr. Wong. I will certainly recommend you to my friends should any wants to go to Huangshan/Hangzhou.
Warmest regards,

David Yong   Malaysia

June 8, 2010

Hi Johnson,

We enjoyed our trip a lot. And as I said, I just love trains, also in China and this time it was as good as it always has been.

Thank you! And send lots of thanks to Jerry as well. He was a really good guide.


Miina   Finland

May 24, 2010

Hi Johnson,
We came back in France without problems. Many thanks for your perfect organisation and sorry for all the changes for our itinerary.

We were all very happy of this trip and all places were very interesting. Yunnan and its diversity between beautiful landscapes and rich culture of its minorities.

I was very impressed by Huanshan Mountains and we were lucky to have one day of nice weather for the pictures.

Shanghai expo was interesting but due to its success, the long queues are exhausting. But I am happy Chinese people can profit of this opportunity.

I hope I can come back again in Huanshan in another season !
Thanks for all your efforts and best regards
Jocelyne Forgeot and 5 French tourists 


Photographies :
Voyages :

Being a French lady in her sixties, Jocelyne runs her photograpy website as above. In March of 2010, together with other 5 French people, most of whom were retired, she conducted a tour to China for almost 28 days. What deserves mentioning is that the group spent as long as 19 day in China's southwest Yunnan Province where people of China's most ethnic groups inhabit. The province boats fantastic landscape scenery, in couple with diversified cultures. Also included in their itinerary are Beijing, Hangzhou in Zhejiang Province, Huangshan and Shanghai.

May 17, 2010

Hi Johnson
We arrived home late last night. We had a great time at the Huangshan - my parents managed to walk all the way without getting the sedan chair. The views were fantastic, and we enjoyed the old villages too. I want to thank you for all the impeccable arrangements you made for us at Huangshan and the local villages. Everything went very smoothly for us, thanks to your meticulous arrangements. The driver Mr Ye was really helpful and polite so all in all this has been a good experience. We will be sure to recommend your service to our friends if they come to Huangshan.
Hwee Hoon   Singapore

Before coming to Huangshan with her husband and her parents, Hwee was a little bit worried of hiking up Huangshan for her parents. Her parents, however, did it and enjoyed the breath-taking scenery of Huangshan. Good luck for them!

May, 16, 2010

Hi Johnson,

Thanks for your email. We just reached home yesterday night. We enjoyed our trip to Huangshan and the old Huizhou villages very much. We were especially lucky to have good weather going up Huangshan. Nick was an excellent guide - knowledgeable, obliging and with many interesting anecdotes to share. Thanks again for your help in our trip.


Andrew  Ten   Singapore

May 11, 2010

Hello Johnson

The train was great, longest nights sleep in China yet! (too much partying!) Huangshan was indeed truly beautiful and all of us enjoyed the short trip immensely.

Also, I want to thank you, as this trip would have not been so successful without the service and kindness of you and your colleagues. You were very helpful indeed, couldn't have done it without you!

I have already started telling my friends in China about the great service your company offers, and I am sure I will return to Huangshan at some point in the future.

Kind regards,

Neil Hubbard and 4 other tourists   England

Neil Hubbard and his 4 collegues were designers for the British Pavilion at the Shanghai Expo. From where did they get to know the fame of Huangshan?

April 29, 2010

Hi, David.

We are back in the U.S. after a wonderful visit to China, and I want to thank you so much for all the work you did to make our hotel reservations at Huangshan. I also appreciate your understanding when our bank transfer did not work. The hotels were both acceptable and by going a day early we had excellent weather on our way up the mountain.

Once again, thank you for your assistance. Best of luck to you.


Andrew Flamm   USA

April 10, 2010


Huangshan was fabulous. Really enjoyed the trip. Thanks again for your services.


Justin Wong   Hongkong

Justin, then a Hongkong student studying at Peking University, did the tour with other 3 overseas students.

April 9, 2010

Hi Johnson,

A big THANK YOU to you and Nick for making this such an enjoyable and memorable trip for my mom & bro. Nick is extremely thoughtful and took really great care of my mom. He was constantly looking out for her and quick to suggest an titleernative itinerary when the weather in Huangshan turned rainy.

Though I wasn't on this trip, I must sing praises to your efficient service and prompt replies. The website which offers lots of information in English & Chinese is also a huge plus.

I would definitely contact you in the near future when I plan a trip to Huangshan for myself :)


Liane Lee   Malaysia

It is Liane who asked us to arrange for her mother and yonger brother the Hangzhou and Huangshan tour. It seems that she will definitely come to Huangshan herself in the near future since her mother and bother enjoyed the trip to the full.

April 6, 2010

Hi Good morning Johnson,

Yeah, it was a great trip, great service, perfect organization! Thank you very much!

We were very lucky about the weather this weekend: Sunday we started in the fog and then after lunch we had a sunny day, great experience!

The Hotels were good. The only thing to mention: there was no heating at Beihai was really cold. I think they just want to save some money!

Thanks a lot!


Torsten Stelter   Switzerland

Working with a German company in Shanghai, Torsten came to Huangshan together with his 7 collegues. Huangshan CITS's van transfered them from Shanghai to Huangshan, and then sent them to Shanghai in the end.

March 27, 2010

Dear Johnson,

Thank you for your letter. As soon as we'd returned home, we had a lot of work waiting for us.

We really enjoyed the sightseeings of Southwest China despite it beeing hit hard by drought. May be, in some sense, we'd been lucky: firstly - because of no-rain weather, secondly - we'd been able to capture some unique photos of peaceful and tranquille Yantze-river. Hope the drought ends soon.

Of course, we enjoyed a lot unforgettable views of Mt. HuangShan, rice-terraces of Longsheng, river-cruise of Li-river, and old town of Lijiang - it's really worth all the money and efforts spent.

Thank you for carefully organized trip and your assistance throughout the voyage.

Looking forward seeing you in Moscow.

Our best wishes to Ellen for her marriage - and she's really nice tour-guide in many senses.

Kind regards,

Maxim Petronevich   Russia

Maxim is a teacher of economic at a Russian college while his wife works for a multi-national cosmetic company. At first, the couple tried to ask local travel agencies to arrange for them a tour to Beijing, Huangshan, Guilin, Kunming and Lijing. Unfortunately, no travel agency could help. The couple, therefore, sent emails to us for help. The trip turns out to be extremely rewarding. Their email shows how much they liked the tour!  

March 16, 2010

Dear Johnson,

We just got home yesterday. We had a wonderful time in Huangshan despite the Winter snowstorm for the first day. We considered ourselves lucky to catch the Winter scenery in March, it was a once in a life time experience.

Thanks again for all the arrangements and please thank Mr. Cai for us. We especially enjoyed the restaurant you recommended at the Old Town. We have friends planning to visit Huangshan in May, will recommend your service to them.

Hope to see you again if we come to Huangshan again.

Take care,

Wendy Mong   Canada

Arranged by Huangshan CITS, Baran, Wendy's son, a Canadian Chinese who did not speak Chinese, came to Huangshan alone in 2009. This year, his father and mother followed his suit. Again, the couple were deeply impressed by the stunning scenery of Huangshan mountains and our service as well.

March 2, 2010

Hi Johnson,

Sorry for my late reply, after coming back from holidays in China, we are very busy with work and preparing for Chinese New Year celebrations as well.
We are very satisfied with the services CITS provided to us and we will recommend to those who will like to visit Huangshan.

Thanks so much to our guide Kathy as she have helped out a lot in making this trip an enjoyable and meorable one for us. Not forgetting our driver who have drive us safely to our destinations in ZhouZhuang and the lady boss that you recommend is so kind and friendly and we like her place so much as well.
We would like to wish you have good business. Thank you again and best wishes.

Derick Ho and gang.   Malaysia

February 15, 2010

Hi Johnson,

We are now in Shanghai (got another month in China!). The Huangshan tour was great - the weather on day 2 was amazing so the mountain looked very special! I think we were very lucky to see such a nice day after so much rain on day 1! Your service was good, we really enjoyed having John as a guide - I can see why he won his Gold medal!!! You can have a look at some of our photos from up the mountain here (my blog) if you like:

Thanks for all your help!

Anna Patience   Scotland

Anna (a college student?) came to China with her boyfriend, and they took many photos of the scenic sites they had visited. Click the above linkage and you can see the photos they took at Huangshan and their comments.

January 27, 2010

Hi Johnson,
It's so good of you to enquire after our safe return.
I hope that you are in characteristically good hetitleh and spirits.
I have managed to avoid any repeat of symptoms after our first night in Beijing (22 Jan) without the need for any medication, so I think everything is fine. We are all back safely in Australia. I am making an appointment with the doctor for tomorrow to see what else may be needed.
We had an absolutely wonderful time travelling with your company - lots of memorable sights and experiences (including a hospital that was not in the original itinerary, but had its own very interesting characteristics). Your company is operated by some great people who kept us safe and sound, were very flexible under all circumstances, were highly knowledgeable, wonderful in an emergency, and very generous with their time (including very notably David). The Huizhou villages, and Mt Huangshan, were just amazing for their combination of culture, history and beauty.  I was really impressed and grateful, and I remain greatly indebted to you personally for your own attentions and warmth. We had the opportunity for a great conversation that was not too marred by the painkillers (or, for that matter, the pain). My whole family remembers the time with your company very favourably, and we have commented on how your service rises well above the call of duty - your approach seems to be to welcome us as guests and friends, something that we didn't really expect but were very glad to have the benefit of.
Zhiling, Madeleine and Bridget have added their best wishes to mine for you, your company, and all who are with you in the coming Tiger year and beyond.
With warm regards
Michael Hollitt   Australia

Michael Hollitt, his wife and 2 lovely daughters at junior high school, came to Huangshan for the trip. Despite a small incident when Michael suddenly diagnosed the urethal stone, and thus had to be hospitalized for 2 days in Huangshan City, the whole family loved the trip.

Junuary 16, 2010

Hi Johnson!
We enjoyed our trip a lot. Joe is realy an excellent guide.

Thank you for your concern,
Monica Chen  Mexico

January 3, 2010

Dear Johnson,

We are now back in Switzerland. We really enjoyed our trip to China and especially the stay in the Huangshan area. Wonderful mountain and beautiful old villages! Kelly was a great guide, we really had a good time with her! As I already told you I also very much appreciated the good communication with you during the preparation of the trip. Thanks again for everything!

Kind regards,

Christian Stiefel   Switzerland

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