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9 Days East China Photographing Tour

Known as a "fairyland on earth", Mt Huangshan in east China's Anhui Province is celebrated for having all the wonders of mountain scenery. Its graceful pine trees, grotesque rocks, sea of clouds and hot springs have won the reputation of four unique views. In four seasons, sightseeing at the mountain is a pleasure --- The spring (Mar - May) offers you a fresh and gay environment; the summer (Jun - Aug) presents you with a cool world; the autumn (Sep - Nov) shows you a magnificent landscape; and the winter (Dec - Feb) brings you a colorful and shinny fairyland.

D1 Shanghai (D)
Arrive in Shanghai, met at airport and transferred to your hotel.

D2 Shanghai - Huangshan (B, L, D)
After breakfast, visit the fantastic Yuyuan Garden, a classical garden in downtown Shanghai which boasts a history over 400 years. Each pavilion, hall, stone and stream in the garden is expressing the quintessence of South China landscape design from Ming and Qing Dynasty. And also take a walk through Chenghuangmiao (known as Yuyuan Garden Market) built in the fifteenth century during the Ming Dynasty. It is filled with antique markets and specititley stores. Thereafter, we'll have a casual stroll along the Bund and Nanjing Road. Take a glimpse into Shanghai's architecture and see how it looked centuries ago. This landmark known for its distinct neo-classic architecture of 52 European style buildings not only lined the Huangpu River but at one time in the past housed most financial institutions including national banks that were considered part of the "Big Four." We'll take the afternoon flight to Tunxi (downtown of Huangshan City). Upon arrival, you'll be transferred to your hotel.

D3 Huangshan (B, L, D)
After breakfast today, we drive for one and half hours to reach Yellow Mountain, characterized by the four wonders, namely, odd-shaped pines, grotesque rock formation, seas of clouds and crystal-clear hot springs. Yellow Mountain was listed as one of the World Natural and Cultural Heritages in 1990. We take Yungu (Cloud Valley) cable car up mountain from the eastern steps, followed by a full day exploration of stunning views up Huangshan, including Beginning-to-Believe Peak, the Lion Peak, Cloud-Dispelling Pavilion, Flying-over Rock, Bright Summit which is the second highest peak of Huangshan with an elevation of 1864 m. We'll watch the magnificent sun-set if weather permits. Stay overnight in Beihai Hotel (4 star)

D4 Huangshan - Tunxi -Shanghai (B, L, D)

Get up early in the morning to watch the brilliant sun-rise. After breakfast, a 3.5-hour hike will let us witness the breath-taking views of the western steps of Yellow Mountain before taking the Yuping cable car down the mountain. We then drive to visit Hongcun Village and Nanping Village. Hongcun Village in Yixian County attracts particular attention for the clustered houses. It is famed for its pre-20th Century buildings. What is unique about the village is that it is ox-shaped topography. Nanping Village's most attraction is 300 or more ancient residential houses and her amazing winding lanes. Strolling in the village, you'll be surprised to find how simple and old-fashioned the village is. Transfer to Tunxi in the afternoon to visit the Old Street. The shops, workshops and residences form an organic whole, keeping the characteristic and operation layout of ancient store such as "front shop and back workshop" or "front shop and back house". After dinner, we'll fly to Shanghai.

D5 Shanghai - Suzhou (B, L, D)
On the way to drive to Suzhou today, you will visit Zhouzhuang Town, a small and quiet old town only 38 km southeast of Suzhou. We drive for about forty minutes to reach Zhouzhuang, a famed town which has stood up well through the years, 900 to be specific, and remains as it was so long ago. The typical style and features of the water town and even its inhabitants' way of life remains unchanged. The houses built by the streams have sidewalks, which have naturally evolved into streets used for transportation, together along with the water lanes. Overhead stone bridges span over the water lanes, providing convenient passage for the local people. Murmuring streams flow under small bridges and courtyards. These bridges and courtyards are each surrounded by dwelling quarters, which are typical features of Zhouzhuang and even the whole of East China. Walk through small alleys punctuated with the occasional cracks of sunlight, Zhouzhuang the old-world charm is all there.

D6 Suzhou - Hangzhou (B, L, D)
Today, we'll visit the exquisite Humble Administrator's Garden (nearly 52,000 square meters or 13 acres) built around 1509AD during the Ming Dynasty by an imperial official who, being tired of his official career, wanted a garden for his relaxation after retirement. The garden's scenery is focused on a central pond with various buildings of pavilions, terraces, chambers and towers located by the water or on hillocks in a natural, unsophisticated, and appropriate composition.After lunch, you will also pay a visit to Hanshan (Cool Hill) Temple, one of Suzhou's greatest landmarks and most popular Buddhist temples. You then proceed to Tiger Hill Park. The Tiger Hill Pagoda in the park is the landmark of Suzhou city which was built from 959 to 961 during the Song dynasty. Ascending the hill, you will find a great number of places of interest, some of which have a long history. Before driving to Hangzhou, our final visit is to the Silk Institute. Overnight in Hangzhou.

D7 Hangzhou (B, L, D)
Ancient Chinese people praised the West Lake area as a land of intoxicating beauty. "Ripping water shimmering on sunny day; Misty mountains shrouded the rain; Plain or gaily decked out like Xizi; West Lake is always alluring.", was composed by the famous Song Dynasty poet Su Dongpo (960-1127) to describe its beauty. Begin today's highlight to appreciate the incomparably lovely West Lake with its soaring bridges and flower-bright islets. Enjoy a boat ride on West Lake. Then, pay a visit Former Residence of Hu Xueyan, who set up Huqingyutang Drugstore and was called "the medicine king in south of the Yangtze River", boasts 13 towers, Zhiyuan Garden, pavilions, terraces, a small bridge over a flowing stream and bright verandas, all ingeniously designed. Move on to visit the Meijiawu Tea House, the tea village of famous Dragon's Well Tea. Then, visit Lingyin Temple, one of the best-known Buddhist monasteries in China, built in 326 A.D. at the foot of Lingyin Mountain in Hangzhou. According to the legend, Huili, an Indian monk, came to the area where he was inspired by the spiritual nature of the scenery to be found here. To his mind this had to be a dwelling of the Immortals and so he gave the temple a name "Ling Yin (Temple of the Soul's Retreat)", the Hefang Old Street and a tea farm.

D8 Hangzhou - Shanghai (B, L, D)
After breakfast, depart to Shanghai. Upon our arrival, we make a visit to the Jade Buddha Temple, built in 1882 to house two jade Buddha statues which had been brought from Burma by a monk named Huigen. The two precious jade Buddha statues, one sitting Buddha and one Recumbent Buddha, are carved with whole white jade. In the follwoing, we'll visit Shanghai Museum. This evening, we'll attend the fabulous Acrobatic Show which concludes today.

D9 Deaprt (B)
After breakfast, depart to your next destination.

more than 10 person: USD1061/person
6-9 person: USD1241/person
2-5 person: USD1421/person
1 person: USD2591

1. For child younger than 11 who share one room with parents, the quotation is only 50% of the above price.
2. Single supplement is USD320.

The Price Includes:
1. Stay in 4 star hotels.
2. Using minibus when travel.
3. Domestic air fare.
4. Three standard meals each day.
5. All tickets of visiting spots.
6. English speaking guide.

Not Included In the Price:
1. International air fare and all airport tax.
2. Personal expenses
3. Gratuity to the guide and driver.

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