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Donations to Help Poor Students 2/24/2009

Huangshan China International Travel Service has donated money for 5 consecutive years to help poor students since it forged relations with Linxi Middle School, a rural school in Xiuning County, in 2002.

Due to straitened circumstances with some families in the countryside, a few school kids at this school can not afford to complete their middle school education. To help those poor, yet hard-working students to pursuit their study, Huangshan CITS initiated a donation plan among its staff and guides, which received a very active response in return.

So far, as many as 12 students in the school have received financial support from the donation, and 3 of them have been admitted into China's key colleges, 3 are now junior college students and another 2 are studying at present in a key senior high school.

A senior leader of Huangshan China International Travel Service expresses the wish at the donation that it will continue its efforts to help those poor, but talented and hard-working students at Linxi Middle school in the future.

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