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CITS Huangshan Celebrating the Chinese Lunar New Year 2/17/2007

Performance of Zheng, an ancient Chinese musical instrument

Solo by the Japanese & Korean Department

Soprano by Jiang Jingxiang of the European & North American Department

Flok song by Zhang Haiqing, Deputy Manager of CITS Huangshan

Pas de deux

Guitar performance by Wang Huihua of Network Department

Stuff of CITS Huangshan

A party was held by CITS Huangshan in the evening of Februrary, 15th of 2006, to celebrate the Chinese lunar new year which falls on the 17th of Februrary.

About 300 stuff members of CITS Huangshan participated and enjoyed the perfrmance which included singning, dancing, poem recitation, lottery and games.

As the biggest travel agency at Huangshan, CITS yielded unprecedented turnovers in 2006 for its high quality service and professional operations for overseas and domestic tourists.

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